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About Serve Don’t Sell


Selling client services is unlike any other sale: it’s much harder


Built on trust, credibility, and the demonstration of expertise, the sale demands an expression of world-class service from the first interaction.

Yet most sales training is dedicated to cheap tricks and persuasion hacks. We absolutely despise the brand of selling that give clients the sinking feeling that sales is being done to them; the kind that turns net promoters into lifelong detractors. We don’t believe that’s any way to treat your clients, and it’s no way we’d like to be treated, either.

Instead, our deep belief in service guides us to understand our clients: what they want, what problems they face, their biggest goals, and how we could help them get there. Selling is the necessary step in helping our clients succeed.

That’s why much of our training is focused on conversational skills to build understanding, empathize with clients, and tell a sales story so compelling that clients may ask “when can we do this?,” rather than “should I do this?”

What We Value

Our values guide us in everything we do, acting like the foundation we build upon. And we mean it when we say these aren’t to be broken.

Express Empathy

The primary goal of our sales training is to seek to understand so we can be in service to our clients, even if that means acting against our own self-interest.

Be Honest

Client relationships are built on trust and credibility, and that has to be based on honesty - including delivering uncomfortable truths.

Act Ethically

We believe ethical selling is the only sustainable approach to sales. It feels good to you and your team, increases employee retention, and increases the likelihood of word of mouth and referrals.

Create Relationships

Client service often requires us to work with clients over long periods of time. Having healthy client relationships creates a positive experience, collaborative environment, and ensures open communication.

Know the Science

Clients are people, and we know a lot about how people behave and make decisions. That’s why we use insights from psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics, the science of learning, and other fields to guide our consulting and training.


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