About Liston Witherill & Serve Don't Sell

Hi there, I’m Liston Witherill.

I created this company, Serve Don’t Sell, because I needed to. I was looking for a workable system to sell professional services for years, and just kept coming up empty.

But I had all of the bad feelings about buying that you might, and the same negativity about selling. You can feel pushed around, like you’re nothing more than a number on a spreadsheet somewhere. Then there are those gross people who manufacture urgency like they’re selling T-shirts or camera accessories.

It can feel like you’re being lied to, and like the sales profession is telling you that’s the best way to sell.

That simply wouldn’t work for me.

I wanted a system that was both ethical as well as having some grounding in science. We know a lot about how people think and make decisions, and that information should definitely influence how we market and sell ourselves.

So I created the Serve Don’t Sell Method (SDS Method), a sales method for professional services firms.

My Background Before SDS

I grew up around computers. I built my first PC when I was 12 years old, and it’s been a love affair ever since. I’m fascinated (and sometimes disgusted) by all things tech, and have spent my life in or around technology.

In 2011, I graduated with a master’s degree in environmental science and management from UC Santa Barbara (go Gauchos!).

I went on to run the client acquisition program at an $8M environmental consulting firm. I helped the firm grow to $12M in revenue in three years – also supported by a rising economy and a group of talented colleagues – and learned a lot about sales and marketing while there.

I’m certified in things as far-ranging as Google Search and digital marketing, and also hold a graduate certificate in technology and innovation management. As you can see, I’m serious about learning.

My Credentials, aka Why You Should Listen to Me

If you’d like to track me down to learn more about me in other places, you can connect with me on LinkedIn, or on Twitter. I also host the popular Modern Sales podcast, and appear regularly in other places like Saleshacker’s virtual sales summit, on podcasts, or write my own extensive blog here on Serve Don’t Sell.

I’ve educated hundreds of thousands of people through my podcast, writing, webinars, and workshops and courses.

I’ve trained teams at a multi-billion-dollar company, and I’ve worked with independent consultants and small firms. I’ve run my own firms, and I’ve run sales and marketing at successful firms. All of it is to achieve the same end, my vision for the world:

To make 100 million world-class, ethical communicators.

Where to Go Next

If you’re looking to educate yourself about selling services, you can head over to my Start Here page and find a bunch of free content to get you started.

If you’d like to quickly accelerate your sales skills without becoming a sales expert, check out my SDS sales sprint, a 4-week workshop to dramatically improve your selling by focusing on the fundamentals.

And if you’d like my help in building a sales process, I work with a small number of private clients. My rate starts at $5,000 for a minimum 3-month engagement, and I work with professional services firms (accountants, lawyers, software development, marketing and web design, consultants, coaches, and the like). If you’re interested in working with me, email me at consulting@servedontsell.com.