Addressing Objections and Talking Money

Almost every prospect you speak to has objections, or reasons they're hesitant to buy your product. Why are sales objections unavoidable?

Because if the buyer didn't have reservations about your solution's price, value, relevance to their situation, or their purchasing ability, they would have already bought it.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • Why objections are predictable and how to plan for them

  • Where objections come from

  • How to address objections

  • Some tools and tips for having better money conversations

It’s rare that sales are made without any objections from prospects. You’ll encounter hurdles that you need to overcome, and it’s best to be intentional about it and have a plan in place.

People want to feel good about their purchases, whether business or personal. They want to be sure they made the right decision. Sometimes an objection is really the prospect saying, “Tell me why I won’t regret buying from you.”

The key is understanding what is stopping a potential client from making a decision. Whatever is on your client’s mind, you’ll be able to have a conversation about it once you understand.

Objections are an inevitable part of sales. Some are legitimate reasons to disqualify, while others are simply an attempt to brush you off. But as long as you're familiar with common objections and equipped to answer them, you'll be able to distinguish between prospects who have the potential to be good customers and prospects with whom you need to part ways.

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