Creating Winning Sales Proposals and Sales Presentations

Any successful deal needs a sales proposal whether you like it or not. A sales proposal can either make you lose or win a deal. It can help you gain a new client or establish long-term relationships with prospective clients. Keep in mind: a sales proposal lets you pitch a product or service to land new or repeat business – an ideal way of closing deals.

Now let’s talk about the proposal process, shall we?

  1. Before the proposal

  2. Preparation of the proposal

  3. How to present the proposal

  4. How to follow-up

Today’s business people are far too busy to listen to long-winded discussions. Know what your key points are, including the price and learn how to make them quickly.

Use your proposal to show how well you understand your prospect's problems -- and how efficiently you can help them. Don't over-promise just to close their business. This is the easiest way to increase new client churn rates. Be clear about what you're offering -- and what you aren't.

Once your proposal is complete and delivered, check in with your client. If they have revisions or additional questions they need to be clarified, make sure you're able to incorporate them.

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