Establishing Goals With Your Client

As a consultant, it’s important to set well-defined and measurable goals for your clients.

By uncovering your client’s pain points and vision you have something powerful to tie their goals to later. In our industry, there are only a handful of goals that most companies will target and we explain each of them to the client and then give them the opportunity to decide what will make the project successful.

Key takeaways when establishing goals with your client:
- Identifying pain is essential in setting goals
- Specificity and SMART goals are key
- Once goals are specific enough, we need to find the value of those goals, in both qualitative and quantitative terms

Pain points are the problems that drive your customers nuts — the inefficiencies that inconvenience them, or the outdated processes that take up too much of their time and effort. If you can identify a genuine pain point and have a real solution that will solve the issues, you have your foot in the door for business.

This is where SMART goals in business come in, this can provide you the best possible set of goals for your client’s growth. They help you save time and energy by making the process of goal setting more efficient and productive.

No matter how big or small the goal—whether it’s building your client’s sales process to increase their pipeline by 40% or writing a book to establish themselves as an expert —help your clients make the change by planning and setting SMART goals.

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