9 Ways to Lose Your Client's Trust

Building trust is critically important in every sale, and there are three main ways that you can do that. But there’s a flip side to building trust: breaking it.

In this episode, you’ll learn the three main mechanisms to break - or build - trust, and the most common ways it’s broken. Trust comes down to three main components:

  1. Ability - are you capable?
  2. Integrity - are you honest?
  3. Benevolence - do you care about me?

You’ll easily break trust if you prove yourself to be incapable. So if you can’t talk intelligibly about your products or services, or if you give demonstrably bad information, or you just say “I don’t know” too often…your clients won’t believe you have the ability to help them.

You’ll also break trust if you’re dishonest. The easiest ways to do that is to fall short on your commitments, deceive your clients about you stack up to the competition, or just pretend you have no faults or shortcomings.

Lastly, you’ll certainly break trust if you can show you don’t sincerely care about your clients. The easiest way to do that is to not understand their business, not pay attention when they’re talking, or never act against your own self-interest.

Of course, avoid all of these pitfalls if you want to keep your clients’ trust. I recommend it.