Lead Qualification Using AI with Francis Brero of MadKudu

Fast-evolving AI and machine learning algorithms are helping sales and marketing teams engage elusive prospects more contextually than in days prior. They do this by accurately picking up on signs that indicate a shift in a prospect’s readiness to enter the buyer’s journey.

Today, our guest is Francis Brero from MadKudu. MadKudu is a software tool that allows sales and marketing teams to score the leads that are coming in. Prioritizing those that are most likely to buy based on historical performance, historical data and firmographic information.

In this episode, we’ll be talking about:

  • Are we losing something by foregoing SQLs and MQLs

  • What insights are most critical for those people who are already in my sales pipeline

  • What is the role of lead scoring in enterprise selling environments

Whatever the goal, lead qualification is all about finding evidence of intent to buy or potential intent to buy. This helps you figure out which prospects are worth your sales teams’ energy and are ready to enter your sales process.

Sales and marketing teams are beginning to rely more heavily on lead scoring, as a result, it saves time and money by helping you focus your time and energy on the most valuable potential customers.

Being able to focus on the strongest leads possible means that sales and marketing staff will be able to close more deals in less time while building stronger relationships with customers.

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