Sales Account Planning For Complex Sales

Account plans are one of the most important tools a salesperson has. They bring together critical information about your customer, your competitors and your sales strategy to nurture existing business in a simple document to ensure each customer is set up for success.

Key takeaways in this episode:

  • Work with your Client Advocate to identify everyone involved in the decision making process so you can know what they all want and need

  • Use your Decision Maker Map to help you through this process, and enlist the help of your Champion to become a co-conspirator

  • Craft individualized messages and build out your sales story with the key needs of all stakeholders

A strategic account plan is the cure to acquisition addiction for your business and, done right, will act as the blueprint for each customer’s success with your product. It will guide your sales team towards growth opportunities, flag churn risks and defend against potential attacks from your competitors.

Begin your plan with your customer in mind. Start with an understanding of the current and future state of the customer’s business and their key initiatives that will bridge the gap. Review the customer’s strategy to determine which of their objectives and initiatives connect with the solution’s capabilities. Determine where you can provide the most value within the context of the customer’s plans.

By showing your deep understanding of the business’s problems as well as a deep understanding of how your product can help, clients will be assured that your product isn’t just a tool for the here and now, but a long-term investment that has the flexibility to match their needs as they evolve.

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