The Escalating Cost of Cold Email with Forster Perelsztejn of

Why would anyone want to use cold email? Because, when done well, it can work. Cold email is not a replacement for inbound methods but a supplement—a way to drive near-term growth while inbound campaigns gain traction.

Today, our guest is Forster Perelsztejn of Their company makes software that integrates both finding people email address and sending them email sequences to reach out. Their product is designed to help with email outreach.

In this episode, we’ll be talking about:

  • What is prospecting

  • Five step approach in writing cold email

  • How to use LinkedIn as a part of the prospecting process

Attracting the prospect to you requires saying just enough to get the conversation started—a short chat about what’s meaningful to the other person. Cold email is another effective method of reaching to your prospects. You can send your prospect an email on how your product could solve all their issues.

Networking has always contributed to prospecting and sales success. It is absolutely essential for finding high-quality prospects and gaining access to the buying process. LinkedIn is one perfect example of a tool to make lead and sales prospecting smoother, quicker, and ultimately profitable.

In prospecting, don’t ask for too much – a request for a simple action or a quick response may probably work better than an invitation for a 30-minute call. Start small.

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