The Future of Sales Content with Hubspot CMO Kipp Bodnar

There was a time when most businesses saw content as something that customers engaged with only during specific phases of the buyer’s journey.

Currently, more companies understand the critical role that high-value content plays at every stage of the buyer’s journey, and in particular, the selling process.

Our guest today, Kipp Bodnar is the Chief Marketing Officer of HubSpot, where he sets HubSpot’s global inbound marketing strategy to drive awareness and demand for HubSpot’s inbound marketing and sales products.

In this episode, we’ll be talking about:

  • The role and future of content in sales

  • Account based marketing

  • Artificial intelligence and its role in disrupting and changing the future of sales

It’s not easy to balance personalization with sales automation. Finding ways to maximize exposure while maintaining a human element in your sales team can be a lot of work. However, it’s not impossible. By using the right tools and developing high quality content, your sales team can balance add a personal touch to each interaction in a fast, efficient, and thoughtful way.

Nowadays, marketers using ABM (Account Based Marketing) work closely with sales to identify key prospects and then tailor customized programs and messages to the buying team within target accounts. ABM allows you to truly personalize your messaging, offers, and content for each account to better resonate with their needs.

Content is a powerful tool to fuel your sales process. The key to using that tool effectively is sales and marketing alignment. Allow your marketing team to better create high-quality content specifically for sales’s needs and your sales team to spend less time finding content and more time selling.

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