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A sales podcast that’ll help you sell more by understanding how people buy.

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At the heart of all sales is people. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, solo consultant, or frontline seller – it all comes down to people. And the most important question you can answer about people is how they buy and make decisions.

Modern Sales is a sales podcast that’ll help you build sales skills by understanding how people buy. Every week we publish two episodes: one solo (with just Liston, the host), and one interview episode. In every episode, you’ll get actionable advice based on the psychology, behavioral economics, neuroscience, and first-hand experience behind how people buy.

If you’ve never heard the show before, here are some of our favorite episodes:

Latest Episodes

Virtual Selling with Jeb Blount

The world was turned upside down in March and if you weren’t selling virtually before, you are now. Office space is going away, and more companies are going remote and staying that way. Learn the fundamentals of virtual selling from Jeb Blount, best-selling author and accomplished sales trainer.

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The Formula For Cold Email Outreach with Kevin Dorsey

Get Kevin Dorsey’s formula for cold email based on thousands of emails he’s written and sent through his work as VP of Sales at PatientPop. You’ll learn how Kevin turns bland outreach into responses and meetings, the amount of research and personalization you need in order to be successful at cold outreach, and whether it’ll keep working in the future.

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What Joke Writing Can Teach You About Sales with Jon Selig

Even though it may seem like a stretch, it’s true: the process of writing jokes can teach you a lot about sales. It forced you to think about who you’re talking to, what’s important to them, and what their everyday life is like. In this episode, you’ll hear from Jon Selig, a standup comedian and sales trainer who helps sales teams write jokes that connect with their prospects.

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Go For No With Andrea Waltz

You might be looking for a yes every time you have a new prospect, but what if that’s the exact wrong approach? Instead of seeking out a yes, go for no. That’s the advice from Andrea Waltz, author of the book Go For No, and she’ll tell you how to fail your way to success.

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The Truth About Emotional Sales and Empathy

You have to be more empathetic and have more emotional intelligence to do well in sales. But what does that mean, and what specifically should you do to increase your empathy? David Priemer, author of Sell the Way You Buy and owner of Cerebral Selling, knows a thing or two about emotional intelligence and empathy. In this episode, we’ll discuss why empathy is so important during the sale, and what you can do to increase yours.

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8 Steps to Winning Sales Presentations with Brian Burkhart

Sales presentations are the culmination of weeks, months, or even years of work. Getting them right is critical. Brian Burkhart, CEO of Square Planet, has a method of sales presentations that’s a little unusual but uber effective. In this episode, you’ll learn his 8-step process to winning sales presentations.

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Radical Transparency In Negotiation with Todd Caponi

Would you show your cards to the dealer during a game of blackjack? That’s what Todd Caponi thinks you should do in your next sale, including your negotiation process. In this episode, you’ll learn why it’s best to expose your flaws openly, how it’ll help you build trust, and how to use radical transparency throughout the sale.

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Value Planning For Better Sales Calls with Andy Paul

Value planning should be done every time you interact with your prospects. It’s the answer to the question: “what’s in it for my prospects to talk to me?” And Andy Paul, of the Sales Enablement podcast and RingDNA, knows a thing or two about value planning for better sales calls. In this episode, he talks about how to improve your value planning during the discovery process and beyond.

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