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A sales podcast that’ll help you sell more by understanding how people buy.

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At the heart of all sales is people. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, solo consultant, or frontline seller – it all comes down to people. And the most important question you can answer about people is how they buy and make decisions.

Modern Sales is a sales podcast that’ll help you build sales skills by understanding how people buy. Every week we publish two episodes: one solo (with just Liston, the host), and one interview episode. In every episode, you’ll get actionable advice based on the psychology, behavioral economics, neuroscience, and first-hand experience behind how people buy.

If you’ve never heard the show before, here are some of our favorite episodes:

Latest Episodes

Remote Selling: The Sales Process for Selling Remotely

Selling remotely means a slightly different approach to your sales process, and you’ll have to make adjustments accordingly. Attempting to directly transfer your sales process from in-person to online won’t work. In this episode, you’ll learn some of the nuance that goes along with selling remotely, and how to update your sales process accordingly. 

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Remote Selling: Video Selling and Building Trust Online

Whether you’re new to remote selling or you’ve been doing it for years, you know that building trust is a critical part of the process. In this episode, you’ll learn how use video selling to build trust during your remote selling process, along with some other ideas about how to use video in your remote sales process.

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(Rebroadcast) – Sales Training, Part 2: Finding the Pain

No pain, no change. In order for your buyer to be ready to make a purchase with you, they have to be in some kind of pain right now. That could be caused by a gap in their capabilities, by them losing money, missing opportunities, or losing out to the competition. Whatever it is, they’d better have some pain. Here’s how to find it.

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Sales AI: Tools You Can Use It Right Now

The promise of AI may be somewhere off in the future, but machine learning and data science can help you sell more today. Learn the main ways it’s being used, by whom, and how you can have little robots helping you sell more right now. 

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Sales AI: Is the revolution coming?

The sales AI revolution is…here? Is it? What do we even mean when we say artificial intelligence in sales? In the first episode of the sales AI series, we’ll cover what artificial intelligence is…and what it’s not. 

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