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A sales podcast that’ll help you sell more by understanding how people buy.

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At the heart of all sales is people. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, solo consultant, or frontline seller – it all comes down to people. And the most important question you can answer about people is how they buy and make decisions.

Modern Sales is a sales podcast that’ll help you build sales skills by understanding how people buy. Every week we publish two episodes: one solo (with just Liston, the host), and one interview episode. In every episode, you’ll get actionable advice based on the psychology, behavioral economics, neuroscience, and first-hand experience behind how people buy.

If you’ve never heard the show before, here are some of our favorite episodes:

Latest Episodes

Buyer Insights: Bill Ball on Finding the Gaps

Finding the gaps within an organization provides opportunity. It’s those gaps that enable a sale to take place – just ask Bill Ball. In this Buyer Insights episode, Bill shares what it takes to sell into his own organization, and has a surprising request for all sellers.

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#SalesMeetings: Why Bad Meetings Are Killing Your Numbers

The cost of meetings is staggering. Especially since most people find them poorly run and unproductive. That’s why we’re digging into the science behind good (and bad) meetings in the new #SalesMeetings series on Modern Sales. First up, why the problem of bad meetings is far worse and more costly than you think, and how to start improving them immediately.

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