So you’re looking to train your team, or up-level your own skills so you can sell more services to big companies? You’re in the right place.

Feel free to bookmark this page as a reference to the training decks.

I share them as Google Slide Decks because I’m constantly updating them, and I want you to have the latest version whenever you access them.

I only ask two things of you:

  1. Respect the fact that this is copyrighted material - you can read the slides, but you don’t have a commercial license to train anyone using my material

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The Training Decks

What you see is the starting point of the training decks I use to train teams to sell more services to big companies. In a training engagement, I work with clients to add their team’s real examples to the training to make the material far more applied. I also conduct live examples and exercises specific to the company - you obviously won’t get that in the generic decks you see linked here.

Still, the material is useful, which is why I make it available to you.

If you plan to use this for yourself, go through the material with your ideal client in mind. Who is it? What do they want? What problems do they face? How do you help them? I highly recommend you go through the exercises, since learning comes through practice, application, repetition, and correction (PARC).

If you plan to use this for your team, you’re welcome to disseminate it to everyone there, but you don’t have permission to run your trainings with this material. How will I know if you do? I won’t of course, but you will. I’ll bet that that’s enough. If you’d like help training your team, let’s talk.

Module 1: Uncovering the Pain

Module 2: Setting Client Goals

Module 3: Helping Clients Define Your Value

Module 4: Presenting Your Sales Story

Module 5: Understanding Buying Roles

Module 6: Money, Budget, and Objections