Sales Training

Live, interactive training using your company’s services and deal examples to make proven selling principles stick for your whole team.

What We Teach

Our sales training will work for anyone, but it’s tailored for client services professionals who value client relationships more than new revenue. That’s because acquiring clients is expensive, complicated, and working with them is predicated on healthy relationships.

The goal of our training is to add structure to your team’s sales conversations so they’re more productive and effective. We also cover sales strategy, how to tell a compelling sales story to every client, and account planning and proposals.

Onsite or Remote Training

Training can be done remotely or onsite.

Remote Training

Perfect for distributed and remote teams, especially if you’re spread across geographies and time zones.

Onsite Training

Best if your team is all in one place, you prefer being in the same room, or want training in the next 60 days.


You can learn more about the differences between remote and onsite training on this comparison chart.

How It Works


1) Let’s Talk

Let’s start by talking about your team’s current strengths and weaknesses, your goals for training, and whether remote or onsite training is best for you and your team.


2) Customize the Training

We’ll work with you to collect real examples of common services you provide, your service ladder, common client pains, objections, and more to make the training as relevant and useful to every learner as possible.


3) Deliver Training to Your Team

Training will be delivered to your team, but we don’t stop there. We’ll also collect vital feedback from them, give them learning assessments, be available to answer their questions throughout, and deliver an executive summary of your top opportunities for improvement.


4) Ongoing Support

Learning is never over. Once the training is done, we will be available to support your team through coaching or consulting engagements that’ll help them acquire and elevate their skills, create a more formal sales process, and always know how to move a deal to conclusion.

Training Reviews 



We’re proud of our net promoter score (NPS) and we think you’ll understand why it’s so high.

“It was fun to see the steps broken down into understandable chunks, like identifying the pain to create a “real-time proposal.” All good ideas and I will begin to use them!


“The approach I learned in training helps me better understand my clients by providing the right support to them. This training really helps in a lot of situations.


“I love the fact that now so many things are much more organized for me. PGV, Serve Don’t Sell…this is awesome. I already started using it while I’m selling to my clients and I can see the results.


Client Success Story

An $8B global technology firm sells both software and services, and several service lines are increasingly important to their business development and revenue growth.

Like most services professionals, few had sales experience or formal sales training, and aren’t official “salespeople” but are important contributors to the business development program.

The technology firm sent us over 50 trainees in 11 time zones for our flagship training over the course of 6 weeks.

Here’s what they had to say after the training:

“I’ve been an avid podcast listener for a long time, so I understand Liston’s perspective and capabilities. Even so, I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the training.

I can comfortably say now that the training far exceeded all of my expectations.

First off, training is typically generic and trainers don’t know much about the companies they work with. We were surprised by how quickly Liston learned about our business, and even made example pitches during training that were better than some of our own employees’ pitches.

The training was remote, across multiple global teams/multiple time zones; not an easy task to keep everyone attentive and contributing. How Liston was able to engage everyone was absolutely remarkable. The tools he used, and how he facilitated the sessions, made the experience as good if not better than in-person classroom training! The sessions were perfectly suited for iterative, adult learning. He is a master at delivery.

We now have a framework and common language for our services team to sell, and we’ve already referred Liston to other teams within our company, and to coach our team and improve their skills after the initial training.

Would I recommend Liston? Resounding Yes. He’s given our team structure around sales and sales conversations, and the reviews were excellent. If you want to improve sales and business development and you have the chance to work with him, you should.

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