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Welcome to Serve Don't Sell.

Serve Don’t Sell isn’t just the name of a business or a website – it’s a call to action. I believe that every client relationship should begin and end with service, and that includes the marketing and sales process it takes to get clients in the first place.

I’m Liston Witherill and create everything you see on this site. I write and create resources for professional services firms and independent consultants. My writing typically falls into three categories:

  • Marketing and thought leadership
  • Sales process and conversations
  • Turning your services into products

Here’s a quick rundown of how this site is organized, and what you can expect while you’re here.

I Write a Lot

My writing explores the fundamental question of how and why people buy, and what you can do to improve the experience and be more successful at it. You can explore all of my blog articles, or you can check out some of my most popular posts here:

Modern Sales Podcast

If you like podcasts, check out the Modern Sales podcast for interviews and solo episodes about how and why people buy. My solo episodes explore the psychology, neuroscience, and behaviors of buying and selling. And I interview people inside and outside of sales to soak up everything they’ve learned along the way.

Get the latest episodes and links to listen by visiting the Modern Sales podcast page.


Every week I send the Serve More Weekly email newsletter on Monday. In it, you’ll find four sections:

  1. An article I wrote
  2. A podcast I published
  3. Upcoming events from me, my friends, or that I found online
  4. Interesting tidbits from around the web

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ClientCon Speaker Series

ClientCon is an online speaker series designed to help you attract, win, and deliver to better clients.

30 amazing speakers each deliver a talk that fits into one of four aspects of your business:

  • Marketing and lead generation
  • Sales and process
  • Operations and product
  • Mindset

ClientCon features a new live talk every day from September 21 through October 30, and is totally free for your to register. Sign up for ClientCon now to get access to all upcoming talks.


I offer two programs that can help you accelerate your or your firm’s progress.

The Sales Sprint is a self-paced online course that’ll help you nail the sales fundamentals so you close the clients you should. The course will teach you what to do once you have a prospect, from first conversation to close. It’ll help you develop the skills you need and you’ll use in every interaction with prospective clients – it’s all of the must-haves, and none of the nice-to-haves. You can learn more about the Sales Sprint here.

The Systematic Sales Program is a premium program that bundles all of my marketing, sales, and productized service training along with group coaching to help you build a repeatable client generation system for your business. The program combines self-study, remote support from me, and weekly group coaching. Check out the full details of the program here.

Try This Next…

If you’re not sure where to go from here, I recommend you check out my proprietary SDS Method, a complete, step-by-step guide tailor-made for selling services.

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