The Sales Sprint Checkout

Get immediate access to the full, step-by-step process to close the clients you should from the first contact to close. You’ll get just the 80/20 of selling – only what you need to know to sell your expertise and services, nothing more.

What Customers Say

Going through SDS and doing all the practice gave me the opportunity to change my sales trajectory. Case in point: I just finished a call with a client, and they accepted the most expensive option. They told me “I wasn’t planning on spending this much, but it’s very clear to me that you understand what we need.”

Evan Delany, CEO of Montessori Digital

I switched my mindset from ‘win every deal’ to ‘win the right deals and get rid of the rest.’ I started closing deals in 5 days instead of 3 weeks, and added $197k in ARR in 60 days.

Chris Fermand, CEO of Small Batch Standard