4-Week Sales Sprint

This workshop will help you close the clients you know you should.

Get the 80/20 of selling without becoming a sales expert. Just enough to be dangerous, no time wasted. 

Learn from Liston Witherill, an author, podcast host, and creator of the Serve Don’t Sell Method. He’ll be your guide in learning and adopting the strategies that’ll win you more clients. 

Join the Sales Sprint, a 4-week online workshop designed for business owners, independent consultants, and salespeople who want to improve their core selling skills.

Sales Sprint Details

Length: 4 weeks
Dates: August 3 – August 28
Cost: $700 USD

  • Master the 4 strategies you need to close more deals without becoming a sales expert
  • Join a highly interactive, hands-on learning experience where you’ll make things you’ll use
  • Get direct feedback from your instructor and peers on every assignment, every week
  • Make rapid progress in just 4 weeks
  • Designed for busy professionals: business owners, independent consultants, and consultative sellers


Aug 3 – Aug 28


$700 USD


Liston Witherill

What You'll Learn

Join the 4-week intensive Sales Sprint with Liston Witherill, where you will:

  • Get more organized in your sales process to make for a better client experience
  • Create call plans and agendas to add structure to every meeting and make it successful
  • How to make your sales process  faster by mapping out your client’s buying process
  • Move conversations along with your prospects by having a step-by-step plan, every time
  • Learn the art of asking probing questions to discover your client’s real motivation to change
  • Have a framework for storytelling so that your clients are hooked on your offer

Chris Farmand

Owner and CEO
Small Batch Standard

"Working with Liston has given me the confidence to change up the sales conversation.

We're closing deals in 5 days instead of 3 weeks, and winning more deals.​"

Who Will Benefit

Business Owners

Owners, CEOs, Presidents, and Principals of small to medium-sized professional services firms

Independent Consultants

Solopreneurs, experts, authors, speakers, coaches, and other independent consultants


Account executives, account managers, business development, and other salespeople

Note: this will help you improve your sales skills in any sale, but it's tailored for faster sales cycles of 3 months or less.

Sales Sprint

A 4-week, live online workshop that'll help you sell your services as well as you deliver them. Get the core skills, and nothing else.




4 Weeks

August 3-28, 2020

$700 (Early Access)

How It Works

Tackle Just the Important Stuff

You could learn everything there is to know about sales, but that’s not the path to improvement. Instead, the Sales Sprint is focused on one skill per week, and one task per skill so you can rapidly develop the most important skills and ignore everything else. The skills you’ll learn: setting agendas and next steps, how to ask probing questions, knowing your value, and storytelling for sales. 

Online, Remote, and Live

The Sales Sprint is 100% online, remote, and has weekly live working sessions. Each week, you’ll get a library of videos to help you complete an exercise. Then, you’ll tackle your assignment in a live working session hosted over Zoom. In between meetings, you’ll get support over email and Slack – every question you have will be answered. 

Accelerated Learning

The Sprint lives up to it’s name: full speed over a short distance. Your commitment is just 2 hours per week for 4 weeks. Sure, you can put in more time if you want to get more out of the Sprint, but it’s designed to accommodate every schedule. Each week, you’ll have less than 30 minutes of videos and reading, and a 90 minute working session. 

Ivy-League Education at a Main Street Value

The Sales Sprint is immediately useful to your sales process, yes. But it’s also designed to be the best learning experience you’ve ever had. You’ll get lifetime access to a growing library of content, live hosted working sessions, and access to all recordings. 

You’ll also get custom feedback directly from me, Liston, on each of your weekly assignments. 

Use Everything You Learn

Each week you’ll create something you can use in your actual sales process. Need structure for your meetings? Check. Want to ask better questions, specific to your business? Check. Ready to better articulate you the value you can provide for each prospect? Check. Want to tell better stories when you present? Check, check, check. 

Meet Your Instructor

Liston Witherill is the founder and creator of the Serve Don’t Sell Method, a sales process made specifically for professional services. He’s the host of the Modern Sales podcast, and author of the upcoming book Serve Don’t Sell. 

He’s run marketing and business development at a $12M environmental consulting firm, closed a $1M+ contract, and dedicates his work to understand how people buy and make decisions.

What You'll Get From the Sprint

Actionable Framework

Get a repeatable framework you can use to close more deals while providing world-class service to prospects from the first time you meet.

More Doing, Less Talking

You’ll leave every session during the spring having made something useful that you can use in your day-to-day role, not just watch videos.

Intensive Progress

The sprint is designed to give you just the essentials and nothing more. You’ll be shocked by what you’ll accomplish in 4 weeks.

Hands-On Learning

Do a weekly assignment and get feedback directly from Liston and your peers to rapidly improve your development.

Expand Your Network

Meet motivated people who are also improving their businesses and sales skills. Fresh perspectives and group support throughout.

Designed For Busy People

This is an intensive, but it’s designed for busy people. Real-world insights, livestream sessions and on-demand recordings, weekly live Q&A.

It's guaranteed, too.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the Sales Sprint, you can take it again or ask for your money back. You won’t be asked for an explanation, or to fill out a form. Send an email or a Slack message and you’ll get your money back – simple as that.

Need some help?

If you’ve been affected by COVID-19, or just can’t afford the Sales Sprint but need to improve selling skills, you’re in. I won’t ask for your tax returns or for the details of your personal life – you’re on the honor system.


This workshop is made for you! Each week we'll focus on developing one skill. There will be less than 30 minutes of prep time, then a 90 minute working session. If you like, you can spend additional time after the working sessions, but the workshop is designed to be 2 hours or less per week.
Yes. At this price point, I guarantee that you'll win at least one additional client, which will more than pay for the workshop. And if you don't feel the workshop was helpful, I'll give your money back in the first 30 days. 
Every time I work with a client, it's clear that the transformation comes from the basics, and optimizations come from the advanced stuff. Even if you have experience or familiarity with these topics, you'll get a lot of our the workshop. 
30 days is enough for this workshop, but of course anything worth doing takes ongoing practice and dedication. If you'd support beyond the workshop, I can support you with ongoing group coaching or even special consulting projects. 
Nope. I don't cover prospecting or lead generation in this workshop. But if your leads are high stakes and you're having trouble closing clients you should, this workshop will help. 
Yes! If you don't feel you've gotten what you paid for, I'll happily return your money in the first 30 days - no questions asked and no forms required. But just know we're working our butts off to make sure that never happens. 

Yes. If you send three or more people, you’ll get 10% off. If you have 10 or more learners, I also offer private workshops. Just email me at for a coupon code. 

I'd love to answer it for you. Email